We aim to design and produce in the most sustainable way. We operate in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. All European directives and associated standards are therefore used. We have also been able to achieve some of our goals by being FSC®-certified, ISO 9001-2015 certified and by participating in BSCI and FTA.


DP Factory is FSC® certified since the end of 2013. By working to promote environmentally and socially beneficial forest management, FSC® helps both local communities and society at large to enjoy long-term benefits of managing forests in a responsible way. This certification brings direct benefits to the forest, such as protecting biodiversity, indigenous peoples’ rights, worker’s rights, and areas of significant environmental or cultural importance. We mainly work with printed paper materials that bear the FSC® label. Please feel free to ask us about our FSC certified products. FSC-C016391


DP Factory is a member of BSCI and the Foreign Trade Association. BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) aims to improve working conditions like: the right to form a union, safe working conditions, no forced labor and no child labor. To achieve this, the members and their suppliers have a drafting plan of improvement to the International Labor Organization (ILO) standards. BSCI is not a certificate.

ISO 9001-2015

Our ERP quality management system is ISO 9001-2015 certified by TÜV. It is being used to increase customer satisfaction and to implement a process of continuous improvement. We work with you to identify specific opportunities such as reducing process defects and raising customer satisfaction.

Continuous Improvement

This results in a very lean business strategy that helps our company not only to become more efficient and effective, but ultimately to reduce process-related costs. Foreseeable process outcomes and a high level of quality are essential to our company. All workflows and business processes can be measured, analyzed and improved, thus creating new and improved products.

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