Stationery is a great addition to the retail range. It’s a good thing that we love office supplies! Notebooks, pens, staplers… D.P. Factory makes complete sets for a structured workplace. Because a tidy desk is a tidy mind, right?


No matter the season, D.P. Factory manufactures complete collections for every occasion, from tableware to decorations and from wrapping paper to stocking fillers. We even remember to include the eggcup.


Every good party starts with the right decorations. In our own studio, we make creative and surprising designs for decorations with all kinds of themes, for every occasion. From a wedding to a children’s party.

Adult craft

Anyone can be creative. That’s why we also make Do-It-Yourself products for adults, focusing on the latest trends and techniques. Our adult craft sets are the most fun projects, with all the materials and instructions included. Convenient and easy!

Kids Craft

With our ready-to-use craft kits, provided with simple instructions or a QR code, kids make the most beautiful creations. All our products comply with the safety regulations for children’s products. D.P. Factory attaches great importance to quality and safety.